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Benefits of Wood Chips for the Garden

Benefits of Wood Chips for the Garden

Wood chips ground cover, as well as playground wood chips are sold by utility firms or companies responsible for clearing or pruning trees in municipalities. These materials are also made from species of softwood or hardwood. Mainly, mulches from wood chips contain a high amount of carbon and nitrogen. Hence, they can minimize the amount of soil nitrogen needed for plant uptake. Nevertheless, you can always add some more nitrogen fertilizer to plants that are mulched to address this issue.


Wood Chips for Garden

When used as mulches, wood chips may end up losing the pleasant appearance as time goes by. You may notice the color is turning grayish or silver-like. Thus, some people tend to add about 3 inches more wood chip mulches to compensate for this effect. Unfortunately, this practice can lead to the suffocation of the roots, specifically of species that are shallow-rooted. Cankers may eventually form around the shrubs' or trees' bases. So, to avoid these effects, you may renew wood chip mulches every couple of years, but be sure to churn up the rest of the mulches prior to adding in more layers.

You can find a wide range of wood chips for sale, which you can use in your garden. For instance, there are apple wood chips, hickory wood chips, and mesquite wood chips. Although used for a different purpose, wood chips for smoking that are quite popular for some buyers include BBQ wood chips. Just as there are many types of wood chips available, as well as the purposes they serve, it is a matter of finding a reliable wood chips delivery company that matches your needs and budget.

So, what exactly do wood chips offer? What wood chips do is to boost the health and quality of the soil. This is because you are able to cover the soil and provide more nutrients that it needs. With this in mind, you may discover that the soil is becoming more and more fertile, and you no longer need to perform intricate and laborious gardening chores frequently including fertilizing, watering and pulling out the weeds.

In fact, when you use wood chips as mulches, you can significantly minimize the time or frequency required for weeding. Even if there may be weeds in the garden, these can be pulled easily from the roots. Hence, it is never a chore to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the area.


Additional Facts about Buying Wood Chips

It is also worth noting that there are several parts of the country experiencing droughts a few times a year. This will lead to a massive reduction in water supply, which is less that 10 to about 20 inches of water annually. So, aside from wood chips landscaping purposes, you can help minimize the rate of water evaporating from the soil by having wood chips delivered to your home and improving the quality of your soil.

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Want to find products available at your address?