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Cubic Yard Calculator Inside and Out

All That You Wanted to Know About a Cubic Yard Calculator

A cubic yard calculator is used for calculating the cubic yards volume for the different kinds of landscape materials like sand, gravel, mulch, cement or even landfills. In order to use this calculator, you will have to enter a specific set of dimensions in either US units (ft or inches) or the metric units (like centimeters or meters). This will help you to calculate in cubic yards, cubic meters or cubic feet. Likewise, the cubic yard calculator concrete is also used for calculating the cost of the materials used. For this, you will have to enter the price for every cubic yard, cubic foot or cubic meter. 

For calculating cubic yard to ton, you will have to enter your measurements in the US or metric units. The cubic yard calculator cylinder and the cubic yard calculator mulch also lets you calculate the volume of the landscape in a specific set of inches, yards, feet, meters or centimeters. You can also enter the values in decimal for best results. For instance, you have a measurement of 7.3”. You can always enter this value as 7.25 feet. Likewise, if you have a value of 24 centimeters, you can easily convert that to 2.45 m with the help of the cubic yard calculator for gravel. 


Calculating cubic yards using ft and inches

In order to use your cubic feet calculator and measure your cubic yards in ft and inches, you will have to do the following: 

-First you will have to measure the area of landscape in feet.

-Right after that, you will have to determine the depth of that material, for instance gravel or mulch that will be put in that specific area using the depth in inches. 

-Right after that, you will have to change all your measurements to feet. In case you’ve originally measured in feet, you can always skip this step.

In case you’ve made the measurement of the cubic yard calculator for rock in feet and inches, divide the total number of inches by 12 and then add it to the measure of feet in order to get the exact number of feet. 

Again, if you’ve made the measurement of the cubic yard calculator for soil in inches, divide the inches by 12 in order to get your measurement in feet.



The calculation of cubic yard to feet and cubic yard to square feet is extremely simple if you know the right cubic yard formula. 

For this, you will first have to calculate the area and the follow it up by calculating the volume. You can always multiply the area in depth in order to get the volume in cubic feet. 

You will then have to calculate your cubic yards by dividing cubic feet by 27 for converting it to yards. You will then get your answer. The cubic yard abbreviation and the cubic yard calculator for sand and the cubic yard calculator for dirt will come handy in this regard. The ft square in your answer represents square foot, ft cube represents cubic foot and the yd cube represents cubic yard.

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Want to find products available at your address?