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How to Properly Process Organic Compost

Organic Compost Processing – In Environment Friendly Steps

Organic wastes and materials can be utilized in an environment friendly way. Composting is referred to the method of adding and enhancing the quality of soil with external additional of humus, rich in nutrient, made by decomposing organic wastes. Compost basically looks like brittle brown colored soil with a mushy forest like smell. These are processed by decomposing organic wastes to prepare natural enrichment for the soil. Therefore it serves to complete an environment friendly cycle of life where decaying and disintegrating organic stuffs go into the soil again in vitalizing vegetation growth, that life. 


Range of Composting

There are various types of composting methods which include organic composting using kitchen or garden wastes, food scraps like meat or fish, worm composting and even toilet composting which is a dry aerobic system designed to compost human wastes into useful compost.

When it comes to composting you can easily get ready-made packed compost for sale. You can order online directly and get best deals on starter packs. Door step delivery, fast shipment and budget prices can be checked before placing an order. Browse through reputed dealers to find best available deals on prices. Once you order get your order is delivered at your address. 

However you can also opt to prepare compost from your backyard wastes, kitchen residuals and other organic wastes within your compound. Tools and equipment for processing of materials are easily available at stores and online. Tools ranging from compost thermometer, planter, tiller, felco, trowel, saw, and hoe are required for various purposes. However, it would be wise to invest according to your needs instead of buying all at once.


Requirements for Composting

-Organic wastes and products as raw material

-Necessary tools

-Compost tumblers

-Backyard bins or containers for piling wastes

-Compost bags to store grass and leaves clippings


Preparing an organic tumbler pile

A well chosen location, away from structures, buildings or fences is necessary to initialize the piling process. Your compost bin can be ready-made or made of wooden planks or plastic. It should be placed in a shade or under direct sun, but it should be kept moist to encourage growth or microbes. Easy access to leaves clippings, grass and water would be an added advantage.

Chopped green wastes of up to 60% and brown waste of 40% make up a good mixture for the process. Cutting the wastes into small pieces enhances the composing process effectively by increasing the surface space for bacterial growth.

Sufficient water supply is required to properly pile the wastes and encourage maximum microbes’ growth. Regular mixing of the pile also ensures even decomposition, controls odor, breaks down lumps in the pile, and provides oxygen for proper decomposition.

New enthusiasts can find complete guidance in regards to making natural organic nutritional humus in the most comprehensive form in composting 101. There are various methods and techniques for recycling compost bucket of your kitchen, toilet, backyard in the most efficient way possible. Starting from those smelly egg shells, to fruit and vegetables scrap, weeds, flowers, chicken scraps, fish manure, cardboard, you can turn all your organic throw away stuffs into rich nutrient for gardening, harvest or agriculture. Find your nearest provider of tools, accessories, tumblers and ready-made products to start gardening in a better way.

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Want to find products available at your address?