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The Basics on Mulch

What You Should Know About Buying Mulch

By using mulch in your garden, you can reduce evaporation while promoting absorption of water during the rainy season. It is all about finding the best mulch types that work for you, so you can get maximum benefits from using this material in your garden. Moreover, understanding mulch definition, its purposes and price of mulch can help you determine the right product to buy according to your needs.


The Basics on Mulch

Mulch functions by covering the bare soil in the yard. It can be made of organic or inorganic materials, depending on what you prefer. With the use of mulch, you can slow down the growth of weeds and enhance the quality of soil. This makes your garden richer and healthier, which is ideal in growing crops.

If you ask yourself "where can I mulch near me", you will be amazed to find out that there are several mulch delivery companies offering this material. Comparing mulch prices can lead you to getting the most reasonably-priced material that suits your budget without compromising quality. In fact, if you visit online stores that offer this product, you can use the mulch calculator to have a more accurate idea of the price of this important gardening material.


Where to Buy Mulch

At Walmart, Menards, or even Lowes, you can find quality mulch that will enhance the health of your plants. Moreover, mulch home depot offers may either be organic or inorganic, depending on what you prefer to buy. The cost of mulch largely depends on the type, quantity and quality that you buy.

The most popular option is an organic mulch, whether it is fresh or aged. In the case of aged mulch (organic), this is usually made of wood products that are partially decomposed. This material can improve your soil, as well as your plants all year round. Nutrients are continued to be provided to the soil, and you may even purchase this material in bulk.

As for fresh organic mulch, this is made of bark and wood chips, which functions as a means of improving the appearance of the soil. If you use natural organic mulch, you will notice that the color will appear gray in a year, but this still depends on how much sun reaches the material.


Price of Mulch

Before you go to stores and have a bag of mulch delivered at your doorstep, you might want to first check out the prices of this material. If you are only looking to cover just a few garden beds, then you will no longer need several bags. Regardless of where you want to buy mulch, you will notice the differences in prices. Mulch Lowes offers may vary from $15 to $65 for each cubic yard, but you need to keep in mind that there are some bags sufficient enough to cover over one cubic yard in area.

Typical price of black hardwood is about $64 per cubic yard, while hardwood oak bark is at $60 for 1 cubic yard. Natural and shredded logs are cheaper at $19 per cubic yard, but screened natural is at $24 for 1 cubic yard. Even cheaper options are organic mulches such as straw and hay, which should only cost you about $4 per bale.

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Want to find products available at your address?