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Things to Know About Purchasing Potting Soil

Things to Know About Purchasing Potting Soil

Potting soil is a kind of soil which is specially prepared to improve the growth of plants, vegetables and herbs grown in a durable pot or any other container. It is also known as potting compost or potting mix.  

Potting soil vs. garden soil becomes important when using them on planting projects nearby your home. The difference between the two types of soils is in their preparation. Potting mix is specially designed to use in containers whereas garden soil is not necessarily used to grow plants. Another difference shown by potting mix vs. garden soil is that potting soil contains sphagnum peat moss and bark as its ingredients to ensure good air flow and drainage for the strong growth of the roots in the containers. Garden soil may not have these ingredients in general. 

You can make your own potting soil if you know potting soil recipe as it can give better results with potting soil organic. Moreover you can also search “potting soil near me” to see if there is some gardening professional near you. But if you want bulk potting soil then you can buy it from the stores involved in potting soil sale. These stores like miracle gro potting soil mix can be nearby or far of your location. These days various online stores are also offering potting soil for sale.

These online stores may include Lowes, Wal-Mart and Home Depot. While placing your order with any of these online stores like Wal-Mart you should enquire about several things like the time of potting soil delivery along with the potting soil prices. The price of potting soil depends upon the type and quantity of nutritious ingredients included in it which it delivers to your plants. So while purchasing potting soil you must know which ingredients are included in it. 

Brief information in this regard is provided here under for your reference. 


Ingredients of potting soil

-Sphagnum peat moss, perlite or vermiculite along with aged compost products are some of the main ingredients which are combined in various ratios to form different types of potting soil. Sometimes no dirt found in your garden is mixed in it, so it can also be said soilless soil. 

-Sphagnum peat moss is included in it to hold the water in the soil. 

-Perlite makes the soil porous by separating the fibres of peat moss. A potting mix should contain 10-15 % perlite. Thought he function of vermiculite is similar to perlite but its water holding capacity is more than the later.

-Aged compost products help in providing nutrient to the plants through soil.

-Lime is added in some potting soils, if required, to balance its pH level

In order to prevent drying out of water and to improve water retention power of the soil some people include wetting agents to the potting soil used in window boxes or hanging baskets.

Sometimes sand is also mixed in it to obstruct drainage and retain water in the soil

So while buying potting soil from online or offline store you should see the ingredients printed on its package to know its quality and efficiency. 

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Want to find products available at your address?