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Uses of Marathon Sod

Guide to Buying Marathon Sod for Your Lawn

So, are you planning on having marathon sod delivered at your home? If so, then you will have to think about the marathon sod cost and essential marathon grass care for proper maintenance. After all, there are certain marathon sod problems to think about, which should impact the quality of this material.

Here, we look into several pieces of information on marathon sod and seed starter, and be sure to check marathon sod prices to help you set your budget.


Why Use Marathon Sod?

Basically, sod refers to living grass, and it has developed roots and fitted in a piece of soil, so you can simply place it in your yard. In fact, you can effortlessly place sod any time you want, with the exclusion of winter since the frozen ground can lead to several problems. However, with proper placement, you will have no worries when it comes to ensuring the lush appearance of your lawn over time. This professionally grown sod is rather health and capable of developing strong roots with proper fertilizing and watering.

Marathon is known throughout the world in terms of its durability and spectacular appearance. The species are tall fescue blend of the Baja and Hubbard 87 varieties. Selective breeding has been implemented in the production of marathon sod, so you can expect outstanding quality compared to average sod. For instance, when it comes to turf quality, Hubbard 87 is the top 1, based on the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program, which is sponsored by the USDA.

Moreover, Marathon 2 has a primary component called the Baja, which is a first-generation dwarf from Southland. With the application of advanced techniques in breeding, this specie is now regarded as semi-dwarf. It has also been selling quite well throughout the world, which proves it vast popularity among customers. What's more, Baja is the perfect component to blend with the Hubbard 87, so you can expect outstanding results to your lawn. In terms of physical traits of these two varieties, there are so much compatibility that tend to eliminate common marathon sod problems and weaknesses of a single variety.


Uses of Marathon Sod

Marathon sod is useful in a number of settings. It can be used to beautify homes such as apartment complexes and and types of residential areas. You will also love having sod in the parks and playgrounds, as this gives these areas a lush and vibrant appeal. Furthermore, golf courses and athletic fields including soccer fields should look more appealing with marathon sods.

As for the features of a marathon sod, it comes with a stunning dark green color – all year round. It grows about 1 to 1.5 inches a week during the summer, and a bit slower growth rate in the winter with a weekly growth of 0.5 inch. When it comes to the texture, the width of the leaves is at 1/8 to 1/4 inch. Leaves will also appear narrower in winter months and somewhat wider in the warmer summer season.

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Want to find products available at your address?