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Buy Decomposed Granite for Your Yard

Buy Decomposed Granite for Your Yard

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your home, you may consider having decomposed granite driveway and paths for your outdoor space. You will love the chic and sophisticated look of this type of material, and you can choose from a selection of decomposed granite colors that will suit your needs. What's more, there are several decomposed granite delivery companies in the country that offer top quality products at a reasonable cost. Whether you are planning on buying decomposed granite home depot offers or any other stores that have decomposed granite for sale, check out this post to learn more about this interesting landscaping material.


Overview on Decomposed Granite Installation and Uses

Decomposed granite, popularly called as DG, is a type of weathered rock that breaks into silt-like and very tiny pieces. This material is commonly used for creating decomposed granite patio and pathways as it offers a rustic appeal. The naturally reddish-tan shade of this rock eventually fades and exudes a lighter tan as time goes by. Hence, you will love the romantic and classic effect of this rock material in your yard, as well as for sprinkling some around your arid plants as a topdressing.

When installing, you may add decomposed granite stabilizer to the area, and this is a kind of binder that is water-activated. It means, the rocks are protected well from harsh weather and foot traffic, which can cause damages to the material over time. Even with the stabilizer, the decomposed granite still remains permeable. Moreover, the best way to apply this landscaping material is in very thin layers. You will need to water them down, then tamp each layer, which should give you a nice and compact surface.


Cost of Decomposed Granite

If you wish to buy this material for your landscaping needs, you will have to know that it is sold by suppliers per cubic yard. Decomposed granite prices vary from one seller to another, so it is recommended to do your research before choosing just one company to buy it from. If you only need a small amount to fill a limited area, then you can purchase the material per bag. The cost is about $3, which should suffice for adding decomposed granite to a location that already has this type of rock.

However, if you need decomposed granite delivered at your home for a major landscaping project, buying it by cubic yard is advisable. You can purchase this material for about $35 up to $50 per cubic yard or a 3-foot cube. This is quite a lot, and it is enough to fill the back portion of an average pickup truck. For its price, you may say it is rather reasonable and inexpensive, and you will love how the material is readily available.

Just keep in mind that you will need to keep the material well maintained to prevent any issues later on. Consider hand-pulling each time you get rid of weeds in your yard, or use a type of landscape fabric under the material to prevent weeds from destroying the look of your outdoor space. Adding more of these rocks will also be necessary along the way to keep the patio fresh-looking.

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Want to find products available at your address?