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Understanding Decomposed Granite in Los Angeles CA

Some Facts to Know About Decomposed Granite in Los Angeles

If you want to pave your driveway in Los Angeles in a cost effective manner then decomposed granite Los Angeles can be the best choice for you. The natural looking decomposed granite installation can provide excellent option of drainage due to its porous material. Moreover a wide variety of decomposed granite colors including russet, gold and tan can give a beautiful look to the entire environment in the exterior of your home. 


Where can I buy decomposed granite?

You can buy decomposed granite Los Angeles from the decomposed granite depot of a number of sand and gravel services in this region. If you are wondering where to buy decomposed granite in Orange County Ca even then it is not difficult to buy bulk decomposed granite as various businesses dealing in building materials can provide you wide variety of decomposed granite under one roof in Los Angeles Ca. But before you buy decomposed granite in Los Angeles you should consider certain things along with the cost. You should know about different varieties of decomposed granite including stabilized decomposed granite and grey decomposed granite.


Decomposed granite vs stabilized decomposed granite

You can select the right type of decomposed granite for your patio or driveway by comparing different varieties of decomposed granite available in Los Angeles. In fact decomposed granite or DG is considered as the least expensive option to pave walkways, patios and driveways as it is made up of smaller pieces of granite. It provides a rustic natural look to your pathway through its various colors including brown, tan and gray. Along with colored decomposed granite there are other varieties like loose, decomposed granite with resin and stabilized decomposed granite. 

The stabilized decomposed granite is made by mixing a stabilizer in the aggregates of granite. Though this mixing makes stabilized DG more costly than the loose DG but still it costs lesser to than other materials used for paving driveways like natural stones and decorative concrete etc. Even if top layer of the stabilized decomposed granite looks like the path laid by the layer of loose DG but still it is better than the later as it reduces the chances of erosion. 


Decomposed granite installation

The installation of decomposed granite is a relatively faster and cost-effective process than other options. The area to be paved with decomposed granite has to be excavated first of all. Then a fabric is to be laid down on the excavated surface to stop the growth of weeds underneath. Now on the perimeter of the pathway landscape edging should be installed. After you will have to place colored decomposed granite and compact it to make your walkway ready to use. You will have to replenish and rake its surface at regular intervals to maintain its beautiful looks, depending upon the type of DG you have used. 

Thus you can buy decomposed granite Los Angeles from any nearby sand and soil service to give a beautiful look to your patio or driveway. 

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Want to find products available at your address?